Ataru The First Love and The Last Kill (2013)



The new movie of Ataru : Ataru The First Love and The Last Kill. Oh I can't wait to watch it (waiting for the bluray). This movie is really great !! Since I watch the dorama series I fell in love with Masahiro's role as Ataru. And the SP is very cool. I think I will fall in love again with the movie. The trailler is very great, I love it. There's a lot of artists that I love so much especialy Maki Horikita, her act is really awesome:D

Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo


After playing on dorama Switch Girl, now Nishiuchi Mariya is playing on Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo with Yamamoto Yusuke (XD). With anime genre, this dorama is very romantic and funny. Yamada kun (Yamamoto Yusuke) have a power to activate witch's power by kissing them !!!! There's 7 witches at Yamada's shool, Yamada and Shiraishi (Nishiuchi Mariya) try to uncover the identities of the 7 witches together.
I really love this new dorama, loving anime romantic genre of dorama..hehe ^__^